Advanced Permanent Makeup Eyebrows Training – 2 days

Take your technique to the next level !!

Join me at Advanced Permanent Makeup training in My Academy. Lets improve your skills together !! My own training’s program aims to help you to deal with problems in providing permanent makeup treatment. We’ve all been there and the solutions are often simpler than we think. The way to perfect techniques set you apart from the competition. Thanks to that your customers get the highly advanced services to suits their needs. No more self-doubts that we all struggle with from time to time!! Take your life in your hands, and become a Permanent Makeup Master !! The training was preparing for technicians, just like you, who want increase their techniques skills and get to know permanent makeup secrets. Our purpose is you to get high standard and professional results of you work. Remember ! – to develop your business, you should start from yourself. My true passion is permanent makeup – that’s why I’d love to show you my real world of it !!Together we can do more !

We are conducted Advanced Brows Training, which based on Powder/ Ombre Techniques. It’s one of the most popular and loved permanent makeup procedure by people. It looks amazing and shows the real beauty of our clients. That is why we should do all we can to improve our skills of this technique !! We cannot make any mistake. We will focus on symmetrical brows draw, choosing the proper pigment to the client’s appearance, and especially on direct Ombre Brows permanent makeup treatment. You need to be ready for intensive 1-day or 2-days of work on fake skin and model. No more excuses ! Just do it !!

OMBRE is a technique, which based on blending and shading to get the natural look of eyebrows. It’s nothing else like shaded brows. At the inside of the eyebrows is used a lighter colour – as you move through the arch, the colour is darkening. The final result is very natural, powdery, and also seems to be soft around the edges.

2 Days – 2 Models – 2 Techniques

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