Basic Permanent Makeup Training


Permanent Makeup is the most matchless procedure of the ancient art of tattooing. It becomes one of the most popular way to get the makeup on-fleek every morning in 5 minutes, in a past few years. More and more people want just wake up, take a shower and leave to their jobs ! We all live in a fast paced world, and here we have the opportunity to increase our income !! Thanks to that, you can offer wide range of treatments to you clients. We provide the treatment by digital machine to implant high-quality pigments into customer’s skin.. Current techniques give us the ability to create something unique as well as natural in permanent makeup. Our trainings aim to get you as a most highly skilled artist in the industry. This procedure is must-have beauty trend

The 4-days Basic Permanent Makeup Training contains huge knowledge about the history of pmu as well as colourimetry. Don’t be worry !! We will not focus on past – we will pay attention to new innovations in our industry. I want provide you as a confident, satisfied and excited of new skills in Permanent makeup and beauty world. I will make sure you absorb the knowledge and tips of pmu. I want you to be ready for an intensive 4 days !! After Basic PMU Training you will know how to provide the permanent makeup Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lips treatment with also the right colours. Our Journey wont stop on this training !

Feel free to ask me any questions, share your concerns and worries,  and I will find the solution 😊

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