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BB Glow Physiolab is characterized by a natural, organic ingredients. It smooths out the skin tone and give the effect of transparent camouflage. Foremost, it aims to recover and regenerate the skin. Also called “remedial therapy” as the only one on the market, it contains properties of plant origin and the extract of the licorice root, which stimulates the skin’s immune system. The rich composition of the product (no clogging / mineral oils), a strong moisturizing effect and improving the elasticity of the skin gives the title of the unique BB Glow Physiolab on the Beauty market. BB Glow Physiolab treatment makes the skin brighter and moustrizer – due to the epidermal placement of the dye molecules. Thanks to organic properties, painless technique, also for low-tolerance skin, the demand for invasive procedures with high risk of consequences decreases. BB Glow Physiolab is not permanent makeup and a procedure for illuminating, nourishing and nurturing Our skin.

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